NB:  This blog post is not about my own husband. It has been written by Nora who got in touch me to share her story. 

This incredible story, blog, personal experience was written by the inspirational Nora. She contacted me a little while ago to share her blog with my wonderful community to help another mum. It took me awhile to digest the blog for several reasons.

  1. I cried as I was reading it because I felt helpless to help.
  2. I have known Nora all of my life and I had no idea of her situation.
  3. I wish I was a better to support to her and her family.

Now, through Nora and her bravery I want to share her blog for you all. 

About Nora

What do you need to know about me? If I had a Tinder profile it would read: white British bisexual woman, late 30s, university educated, short. My panoply of issues (not to be posted on a hook-up site) include depression, complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), imposter syndrome, body-focused repetitive disorders (BFRBs) & food. Yay.

You can read her blog here

As well as this blog there is lots more information on her site and support available. 

Never go through anything alone, you are not alone. There is a wonderful community of mums who can support and help you and help eachother.  


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