As a mum, it is really hard to find the time to do anything, let alone sleep, eat and have any energy whatsoever. This made me look into my relationship with food, as a result, I am always on the lookout for new ideas for healing within. During my Instagram ‘stalking’ I came across Nisha, creator of @our_vegan_story, I am so excited to welcome Nisha to The Unlikely Mummy Community. This all started when I went outside of my comfort zone, (I have also done a video on this over on my own page), and as a result, I asked if Nisha wanted to feature on my website and on my grid. I was really happy that she agreed because I wanted to showcase her story. I believe we can all learn from each other; our best supporters are empowering and supportive women like Nisha.

Please welcome Nisha to The Unlikely Mummy community.

Nisha, Our Vegan Story

About Nisha! 

Hi! I’m Nisha, and I run an Instagram page called @our_vegan_story 

I’ve been vegan for over 2 1/2 years, but vegetarian for over 25. I started this page initially to track my daughter’s eczema when she was around 3 months old. I was (and still am) exclusively breastfeeding her, and I wanted to see if my diet affected her skin. Within a week there was a clear improvement, and from then I decided to go vegan for life! 

Turning vegan wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I loved my cheese (especially feta and halloumi) and Greek yoghurt, but knowing that I was doing it for the well-being of my daughter the transition was so easy. It also benefited me. I become less gassy, my bloating reduced and my energy levels went up. 

I have 3 children, two boys aged 7 and 10, and my daughter who is 2. We didn’t plan for my daughter, and when we found out that I was expecting emotions were everywhere, but she was the most beautiful surprise ever, and she has completed us. 

My daughter has peanut and cashew nut allergies. When she was around 9 months old I made her a sauce from cashew nuts, and within moments of eating it she started to react. It was a horrible experience, something I had never gone through before and something that I will never forget. She has a care plan in place, and we are fully equipped and prepared should she have another reaction. 

My 10-year-old is currently going through some pre-teen emotional phase. It’s very emotionally draining, but we’re managing it the best that we can. Otherwise, he’s a gentle soul who loves his computer games! 

My 7-year-old is a bag full of energy. He never stops moving or talking. He always has something to say or sing about, but he is a joy and always puts other people’s feelings before his. 

My husband and I met when we were 12 years old at secondary school, and we have been in each other lives ever since! 

So, my husband and children have been vegetarian from birth. They do consume dairy products but it’s very limited, and they are slowly replacing dairy products with vegan alternatives. 

When it comes to shopping and eating out, if I can’t eat it we don’t buy it.. Lol! 

Ok, so I love all types of music but especially Old School UK Garage and Mid to Late 90s RnB. 

Reading is something that I would do on a daily basis. There were times I would read 2 books a week, but since having children I hardly read at all, except when I’m reading to them..but I don’t think that counts! This is something I miss and I want to reintroduce back into my life. 

I was always ‘anti workout, anti gym’, I never understood why people would purposely want to go out of their way to get all hot and sweaty, but now I get it! I try to workout 3/4 times a week for around 40 minutes. I love how it makes me feel, it gives me a sense of space and wellness and knowing that I’m doing something to strengthen my body is amazing. 

Cooking was something that didn’t really interest me. I did it because I had to not because I wanted to. Things have changed now, and I love experimenting with new flavours and ideas in the kitchen. 

I’m not the best at Punjabi cooking and my rotis are never round, but I’ll always give it a go. When it comes to cooking and life I like to keep things Simple Honest and Fun. 

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read about me. I hope you found it interesting and hopefully I’ll see you on my page 

Peace and love 

Nisha Kaur Matharu 

To find out more about the incredible Nisha and her story, you can find her on –
Our Vegan Story

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