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Who is This Asian Mum Can?

Created as a platform to support the Asian culture. I have always struggled to feel accepted into the community and this was made harder when I married my husband. This Asian Mum Can is a space created for like-minded mums to talk, share stories and help each other. 

Let us start the conversation, share stories, and challenge each other on issues and successes. Let us support each other and share this in our closed on Instagram page.

YOU are not alone and this is just the beginning to get your voice heard. 

 Join me and use the hashtag #ThisAsianMumCan


This Asian Mum Can Series

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Friday 3rd July – Women & Empowerment
We talk about empowering women by encouraging and supporting each other. But who can hand on heart say they do this? As a mum, I have seen many different sides to people, whether that is other mums or female leaders. We need to support each other, not just say we all. Actions speak much louder than words.

Friday 26 June – The Unsung Heroes – The dads
Sometimes we should stop and say thanks to the dads in our lives. I had a great role model growing up and I am thankful that my son as a role model too. This Video is for the dads to say Thank You.

Friday 19th June – Lockdown with a toddler
If you told me in January 2020, I would be working with a toddler and not allowed out of the house for 3 months, I would have laughed in your face. Some of us have been lucky and some of us have just managed. I have barely just managed but I got to spend quality time with my son that I would never have had if we didn’t have Lockdown together.

Friday 12th June – Returning back to ‘Normal
After a tough couple of weeks, all I was hearing was this word ‘normal’ what does that even mean? No one really knows until we are living it.

Friday 5th June – Postnatal Depression in the Asian Community
Will the community ever speak up and out about mental health? I just don’t know. So in the meantime, I will continue to share my story to anyone who will listen.

A video series created to talk all things motherhood.

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