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Kavita Trevena

The Unlikely Mummy

The Unlikely Mummy strives to be an organisation with core values and parental and family focus. Through resources, knowledge, skill sets, and experience, the extended team working alongside The Unlikely Mummy is handpicked to deliver to the community with passion and energy. We have experts from events, community outreach, child-based settings, teaching, operations, and project delivery.

By bringing communities together by giving them a safe space to experience success within a supportive network. A place where communities and individuals can thrive and have a real sense of togetherness.

The Unlikely Mummy is a community-based non-profit investment organisation that wants to support families and mental health.  I created The Unlikely Mummy to help, support, and create a safe place for mums (and dads) to come to. I hope the advice, blogs, sites, videos, and recipes help. Every day I create new content that can be found on my Instagram page

Media and Guest Blogs

I have been featured and interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and Channel 5 News, talking through my experiences as a new mum. You can read My Story and work to support NCT. 

The Unlikely Mummy has also been featured on many podcasts talking about mental health, also an Award winning blogger and a Finalist for Champion Women, Freelancer of the Year and Community Leader all with Digital Women. As part of UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, I delivered 30-minute Mindfulness and Motherhood sessions on Facebook. Published author with Warriors Voice, a series of poems from mums, 2021. As well as a self publish Mindfulness book – I am Me, A mindfulness Jounrey. Fancy a chat? say hello – Hello@theunlikelymummy.co.uk or reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or watch my videos on YouTube.   



The Unlikely Mummy

Want to ask me a question and talk about one of my blogs, then get in touch below. Would love to hear from you.