I am Me : A Mindfulness Journey

I would spend hours searching for a mindfulness book and I could never find the right one. I then thought that it was the right time to create my own book.

There are three option choices.

(N.B. Please state when purchasing the book, your email address/delivery address, and select payment for a friend, or similar. This will ensure all money is directly received.)

Option 1. Digital Download

This can be purchased directly through the PayPal link. Once the stated money is received, an email will be sent with your digital download within 24 hours. This will be sent either by a digital downloadable link or a PDF file.

Option 2. Pre order the Book

Pre-Order I Am Me: A Mindfulness Journey, once purchased an email will be sent to confirm shipping details. 

Option 3 – Buy me 2 x Hot Chocolate

Treat the community of amazing mums to a free book as well as a book for yourself. For every two ‘Hot Chocolates’ you purchase, you purchase a book for a mum. (Total £10)

Thank your continued support, everytime you take the time to support me, I am able to help more mums and grow ‘The Unlikely Mummy.’ Without you believing in me, I am unable to share my story – for that, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share. 

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