Meet The Team

Kavita, The Founder. She has two children and has lived experience of mental health. Her background is in sport but her passion is helping others. She has an obsession with live music and has been to over 100 gigs.
Her current playlist is London Grammar or whatever the kids change it too! 🤣

Mukesh and Jyoti, The Parents. They have three children (the youngest is the best!!) And seven grandchildren. Both newly retired and the biggest supporters.
Their current playlist is… ‘Amazon play my liked songs!’

Roger and Angela, The In laws. Whenever support is needed with the kids they come to the rescue!
Their current play is whatever the kids make them listen to.

The kids, the reason why we have The Unlikely Mummy. Their current playlist is “Alexa what’s the weather forecast today!

Roger, The Moral Support. He is Kavita’s voice of reason and sense checks 95% of The Unlikely Mummy. With over 18 years of teaching and leadership experience.
His current playlist is anything his wife plays – but is a secret boy band lover!

Nici, The Creative Director. An amazing addition to the team, with her experience of event management and her background as an early years specialist she also owns Tots Play Bexley. She has two gorgeous boys and it’s exciting to have her on the team to keep The Unlikely Mummy grounded with fresh ideas.
Fun Fact, Nici featured in a music video when she was 17 and her current playlist is anything Disney (thanks to the toddler!)

Louisa, The Media Director. A super talented photographer with a background in Art, she is a PE and Art teacher in a secondary school. With two children of her own she is definitely busy with her photography businesses, The Photography Shed, teaching and supporting The Unlikely Mummy.
Her current playlist is Heart Radio as she spends most of her time in the car commuting or being a taxi service for the kids!