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Perhaps, like me, sometimes you feel like you are spinning lots of plates.

How many of us feel like we are barely making it through each day? I feel like that most of the time like I am Bambi waiting to become steady on my legs. Yes, Bambi, I just compared myself to the saddest Disney film but it is true. I quite often sit and compare my life to the ‘movies’, you know the ones that make parenting seem easy, well on the camera anyways. However, when you look closer, they have had plenty of takes to get the perfect shot, we just get the one. Well, us mums don’t get a second chance unless you have more than one child. So let’s stay strong and get all the jobs done together with a side order of support and not judgement. 

Whether you are a first time, second-time mum or more, returning back to work, or decided to be a stay at home mum. Own your own business or working for someone else, we are all juggling so many plates of motherhood. For me, it was Unlikely to have a child, and I will never lie and say I find it easy or enjoy it every day but I give it a good go. 

Who am I?

My name is Kavita, I live in South East London or Kent depending on who you talk to. I am a first-time mummy to a beautiful baby boy who was born in May 2018. He is incredibly active and constantly keeping me on my toes. I know every first time, second time or third-time mum all say the same thing – “they can’t remember life before children”. Well, I can but not because I don’t enjoy it, our son just wasn’t planned. I was told years ago that I couldn’t have children and then my little miracle happened. 

I created The Unlikely Mummy to help, support and create a safe place for mums (and dads) to come to. I hope the advice, blogs, sites, videos, and recipes help. Every day I create new content and that can be found on my Instagram page

Media and Guest Blogs

I have featured and interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and Channel 5 News, talking through my experiences as a new mum. You can read My Story and working to support NCT. 

The Unlikely Mummy has also featured on blogs with Book of Beasties.

As part of UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, I delivered a 30-minute Mindfulness and Motherhood sessions on Facebook. 

Shortlisted for Blogger of the Year with Digital Women, 2021.

Published author with Warriors Voice, a series of poems from mums, 2021.

Fancy a chat? say hello – Hello@theunlikelymummy.co.uk or reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or watch my videos on YouTube. 




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