Anyone for lunch?

Less than 2 minute read 

I always thought having dinner on your own in a restaurant was really sad, but actually, it’s really refreshing. I am sat here with my milkshake listening to a couple behind me and a group of friends to the left of me. Why is it you always get one person who wants to control and talk over people? Do you have any friends that do that? It really does my head in.

I am sat here thinking, it’s so nice to not have to talk to anyone and not have to listen to anyone, just enjoy the quiet time with myself. It’s very rare and I’m not sure I have done this since my son has been born. We had a bit of a scare this morning (I have now posted this some time after I wrote it) and had an ambulance called and taken to the hospital, the most dismissive encounter I have ever experienced to be told it’s just viral, why didn’t you go to your GP. I think I saw red, and calmly answered they said go urgent care or call 111, the standard response.. and my GP wasn’t interested. I’m sure you are all nodding! The thing is, we have plans on my days off, things need to be done. So today was a baby class, and dropping my car off to get the reflector repaired, so as I waited I thought I would say “bye bye” to the diet and have a milkshake – not one single regret! Because sometimes you just need that moment and you just need to breathe for a secord. 

So, as I sit here I’m listening to the ‘locals’ or the ‘regulars’ chat away and trying to make themselves sound better than what they really are, I ask you one burning question, why are none of these people at work? I always ask this question but they might think the same for me. Who knows! But seriously, why are they not all working? I am a working mum and this is my non-working day but what are their reasons?

What I’m trying to say is, no matter what your stresses are and what comes up in your day, you can still find some time for you even if it’s a walk and a milkshake or reading a book. For me today, it’s having lunch for one and I’m loving it! The conversations are entertaining, the food is great and the milkshake was incredible. 

N.B. check out Walnuts, Sidcup