Baby wipes

What an incredibly boring title for a review post, but let’s face it – it does explain what I will talk about. In this review I will talk about, Waterwipes, Huggies Pure, Pampers Sensitive and Mumma Bear wipes. 

Before our son was born we just went for the deals on wipes, wipes are wipes, right? Well, no actually, it very important to get the wipes that don’t smell too much, don’t smell at all, too wet or too dry. Come out altogether or can’t get them out at all. Wipes that are too thin and your fingers go through or too thick that you can’t even get the wipe right. Wipes that are gentle on the skin and not too cold (yes seriously, some wipes were really cold on the bottom!)

We however, started with cotton wool and warm water, it is recommended and I would do it again if and when we have baby number two. It is gentle on the babies bottom and it is warm for the wiping. Don’t forget this is all new for you and all new for them. My little one didn’t mind the cotton wool, he loves something warm wiping his bottom, even now 9 months later a warm flannel wash and that smile he has makes me smile (It never gets old).  

Back to the wipes, we used Waterwipes , we did this for a few reasons. 
1. Other mums used it
2, It was recommended by Health Visitor and Midwifes
3. You want the best and the closest thing to water

There are many pros and cons to Waterwipes. 

Pros to Waterwipes  Cons to Waterwipes
Gentle and kind Sometimes too wet
99% of water  All come out together
A known reliable brand  No resealable label/cover
Reasonable if bulk buying Expensive

My score for Waterwipes to start with 7 out of 10 (We no longer use waterwipes).

Alongside Waterwipes we used Huggies Pure wipes , we found these wipes were good for wees, not so good for a poo. I did, however, like them for wiping the nose, hands and general use of tissue. They didn’t stay wet for very long but the cost was good so we gave it ago. We still have a few packets left over, so they will be used for nose wiping. They were very useful for wiping hands after dinner when we started to baby led wean. Now the food is messier it’s harder to use the Huggies wipes.     

Pros for Huggies Pure wipes Cons for Huggies Pure wipes
Cheap 1p per wipe Not wet enough
Good for not messy cleaning Breaks easily in the hand
Gentle on the skin Pulls lots of wipes in one go

 My score for Huggies Pure 5.5 out of 10. 

We now use Pampers wipes for the hands after dinner, as they have a slight smell to them. They are thick and you can get a lot of the mess off the hands and face. I personally think these are brilliant for everyday cleaning as they are cheap, but I personally don’t like the idea of using them as a wipe for the bottom. 

Pros for Pampers wipes Cons for Pampers wipes
Cheap to bulk buy Not the nicest feel to a wipe
Good for hands and face A thick wipe can be difficult to use. 
Known brand if you want to
keep everything the same

My score for Pampers 6 out of 10.

Finally, we come onto Mumma Bear wipes, these are an Amazon own brand. I wish I knew about these from the start. They have a lid that closes, only one wipe comes out as time, they are the right amount of wetness, not too thick and not too thin. In fact, I would go as far and say I love them. New mummies out there buy Mumma Bear wipes. An added bonus is they are cheap!!

Pros Mumma Bear Cons Mumma Bear 
Cheap I really can’t think of any
Good quality  
Dimpled for extra cleaning  
Good packaging  
The right amount of wetness  

My score for Mumma Bear 9 out of 10.

I would love to try and test out more wipes to see what works best for newborns, toddlers and even us adults. 

However, for us, we have used a range and can safely say Mumma Bear is the clear winner.