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Who else received their freebie Bodyform samples? I am hoping it wasn’t just me… it would be a shame if it was! 

Who doesn’t love a good old freebie, I know I do! When I saw a link to sign up to receive some samples, I couldn’t wait to submit my information to get my goodies.

Inside my sample pack I recieved two day pads, two night pads and some linen liners.. yep! Linen liners, what are they? No idea but can’t wait to find out. Not to forget, I also have loads of coupons included!!! Even more money off.

I never really got on with sanitary products before I come across Bodyform about 20+ years ago, and I never looked back. 

Why Bodyform?

As a girl, woman and now a mum I just love their products, the comfort when moving, dancing, walking, running (I know I laughed too), exercising, or playing with my son it’s brilliant, it’s discrete and majority of the time I forget I’m even wearing one, a bit like now. It just becomes apart of your routine for those couple of days. It’s for all shapes and sizes, fits nicely into your knickers and doesn’t feel to thick or overwhelming. 

For me, I didn’t get on with other brands, they were uncomfortable, or would smell, I would come up in rashes. However, with Bodyform with its clever size, discrete nature and the post disposal it makes it a million times better, the innovative sticky sides once you roll up your old pad and press it down, its nicer to put in the bin. How clever is that? 

My verdict 9 out of 10 for Bodyform, and I can’t wait to try my linen liner sample! 

Check out my Instagram post for the video here.


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