Help me, help mums by buying me a ‘Hot Chocolate’

Help me, help mums. You can do this by clicking above and buying me a ‘Hot Chocolate’. Sounds silly right? But it really isn’t. Every time you buy me a ‘hot chocolate’ (by donating), you are investing in me to help more mums. 

What does it mean?

  • I can send out care packages to mums
  • I can grow my community
  • I can offer my workshops
  • I can reach more mums
  • I can help you, your friend, your daughter, your sister
  • I can give a voice to mums
  • I can do more campaigning
  • I can put together more Mindfulness sessions 
  • I can do lots more with your help.

So, what are you waiting for? 

By, buying me a ‘hot chocolate’ it means I can invest more time to create a platform to reach more mums. As a mum who works everyday with mental health and creating a space for mums. 

Buy me a ‘Hot Chocolate’