Dear Husband,

I have written a letter to the Mumma’s but I failed to think about you – my husband, the father to my baby. 

Do I start off by with a cliche by thanking you for your help, support, being my rock and loving our family or do I start off by saying I love you?

I know I am lucky to have you in my life and we have been through much together, but I wanted to let you know that you are a wonderful daddy and I know I don’t tell you very often, or at all in fact but I want you to remember you are brilliant and doing the best job. I know this because I just have to see the way our son’s face lights up when he sees you. When I see that face, I know that he will be okay because he has you a role model. You are everything I want our son to be and more. You care for us, love us and make us smile every single day and I know this because I feel it.

I never said thank you for all the times you woke in the night to take care of our son so I could sleep, or all the times you rushed home because I was finding my day hard. I wanted to say thank you for all the times you held me when I couldn’t get through the pain and when I couldn’t see how I was going to get through the next day. I wanted to say thank you for being my best friend because, without you, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am right now raising our son, keeping everything together and starting my blog, without you, I wouldn’t be able to think about the return to work or give the best to our son. 

You have been there every single day, on the other end of the phone, sitting next to me and holding me so I can sleep. You are my rock and I wanted to tell you, you are doing amazing. 

If our son grows up to be half the man you are now, I will be the proudest mummy out there. 

Love you so much.

Your wife