Easy butternut squash, sweet potato, and pea risotto

Updated: Rainbow Risotto (16/02/2019)

I have again made this however, I added the following; baby sweetcorn, courgette and peppers in addition to the original recipe. All cut to baby size for little one.

Brilliant for baby whose teeth are yet to come. 

Cook rating: Medium
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 30-45 minutes 

I was looking for something that I could do while my baby was playing. I thought that as normal ‘adult’ risotto isn’t overly difficult, I would give it a go and it only sounds difficult.  

This will take you no longer than 30mins. I first made this as an experiment and then decided to cook my dinner alongside it. Super quick and no real concentration needed. 

What you need to make this tasty dish

I am really not one for measurement, I tend to use my eyes a lot if you in search of measurements then, unfortunately, you won’t get that from me. If you just want fun and experiment with baby-led weaning, then carry on. 

Risotto rice, I would say two tablespoons worth
Shallots or half an onion
Butternut squash and sweet potato (I cheated and had pre-cut ones but I further cut them for babies mouth) 
Half a clove of garlic
Low salt stock
Unsalted butter
Plenty of water (pre-boiled in the kettle)

Optional: mushrooms

What you need to do

I like to get my ingredients cut up and ready before I start, I found it saves on time.

Get your pan out ready and start to heat it up.
Cut your veg, shallots, squash, and potatoes and prepare your garlic (take off the skin and cut in half. 
Add the butter to the pan and gentle heat (do not overheat it as it will burn) 
Add the shallots and then let it gently cook
Add the garlic (I have a mincer that does it or me, or finely cut it up) 
Stir till all coated and soft
Add the veg and rice to the pan
Cook for around 5 minutes stirring occasionally 
Add the low salt stock and then slowly add your already boiled water
Keep stirring and when ready add your peas and keep going till it is ready for your baby to eat. 


I made mine super soft so cooked it for longer, as we don’t have teeth yet. The size of the veg was very small for the same reason. I did squeeze the peas so they weren’t as round and easy to eat. 

My little man really enjoyed this one, a little bit goes a long way.