Hello Unlikely Mummies!

My little man was born May 2018, and I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing. 

If you have come across my site and noticed there is nothing published that is because I am working hard to get everything all set up. 

Setting up a site, caring for a newborn, keeping my head above the water and trying to sort out my return to work is not easy but I like to think I am a superhero, well I am to my little man so here it goes.

Stay close as blogs are coming, but in the meantime you can say Hello@theunlikelymummy.co.uk whenever you like and get in touch via my socials.  (links at the top or search The Unlikely Mummy.


My future blogs

My future blogs will include; Gestational Diabetes, Dear Mumma, All of the Firsts, Not just a full time job and many many more.