Mind the gap

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What does that even mean? For commuters, it means there ‘maybe’ a gap between the train and the platform. For me, it is a gap in knowledge and for mums, it could be a gap in understanding the pressures of motherhood. But then again, I could have just made that up, after all, that’s what parenting is all about!

Mind the gap.

What does it mean to you?

There is always a gap in our understanding, learning, and knowledge. This is why we always have opportunities to learn and grow every day. Since becoming a mum, I have found that I am gaining knowledge and experiences daily, not just because I am a mum, but because I have had to learn a whole new job without a job interview or previous experience. There wasn’t a person specification set out and there were no desirable or essential boxes to tick. There are no application or interview stages, but you do, however, get 9 months (if you are lucky) some get more, some get fewer months to prep. Even that isn’t actually a lot of time. There are plenty of online resources that you can tap into and a lot of peers and experienced support welcomed (or unwelcome in some cases).

What am I talking about?

Motherhood of course… You know the job that comes with no manual, everyone’s opinions, everyone’s judgment, and everyone’s input. The job that has zero pay but the best rewards scheme. The hangover effect without the alcohol and the buzz of being awake all night, without the luxury of sleeping all day.

Mind the gap, what does that even mean? To me, it means mind the people you surround yourself with, the information you read and truth, the opinion you listen to and the advice you seek. Mind the gap in your knowledge as you learn daily from your newest adventure and understand that your journey isn’t the same as their journey. Mind the gap in what is perceived as the truth of what you are being told by those closest to you as you live with no sleep, lack of mental health and understanding of what you are currently living in. Mind the gap of hurtful comments, competition, and judgment, because that will have such an impact on your early memories.

For me, I did mind that gap or at least tried to, but it took me a full year of understanding the pressures and the competition that motherhood and parenthood brought to me.

The challenge is to set out to be the ‘best’ when there is no such thing.

Your best is being present, not actual presents, but being there for bath time, bedtime, milk time, dinner times, school pick times and playtimes. Being there every time because that meeting can wait, that text, phone call or email can wait for your baby’s development and understanding and learning can’t.

Mind the gap in how you come across, because that gap is there for a reason, to show you that every day you learn to try and fill that gap. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t, you just have to be mindful of it and try your best. That’s what any of us ever do.. try our best.

With love,

Be mindful of what you read and see on social media platforms. Some of it is just for social media!