Mindfulness and Wellbeing Impact Report

Silence was amongst us when our Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he was putting us all in Lockdown. My first thought was my son, my second was my family, my third was my mental health. What impact will this national lockdown have on my mental health?

After weeks of trying to figure out how I was maintaining to work while caring for my son. There was no work/life balance, there was increased pressure and stress on me. I completely broke down and withdrew from everything around me, including my own son who wasn’t even two years old. He was frightened, scared and completely out of routine, we had no support and my husband is a key worker.

As a result and reflection, I decided to create an online community for mums and design a programme of events to support their mental and physical well-being. I knew I wasn’t alone as I needed the support, I knew other mums would as well.

The impact of social events for mums truly speaks for its self pre covid and the impact of my month of Mindfulness and Wellbeing reflects the need for mums to have additional support.

The month of Mindfulness and Wellbeing took place in November 2020 with Live talks, workshops, meditation and art therapy.

After feedback and asking the Community what they would like the next event of Mindfulness and Wellbeing will be Monday 22 November to Sunday 28 November with live talks, tailored sessions and resources, all exclusive to the online community

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Please find the impact report from November 2020 Mindfulness and Wellbeing month.