Peace and Quiet

Well, I think I have written a misleading title. I am sat here listening to Kisstory when I should be at a hen do.

My day started at 5.18am with a feed and a lovely chat with baby no. 2. Followed by baby no. 1 at 6.02am, “I’m awake!”

He loves morning cuddles in our bed and I think he gets a little jealous of the girl at times.

We started with breakfast, where most of it ended up in the bin. We then decided to feed the ducks so we headed to the park, 7.53am we arrived to give the ducks their breakfast. We took a 2.5km balance bike ride around the park with me following in the pushchair.

One tired toddler and one hungry baby, although mum points as I fed her sitting on a bench and I felt comfy doing it.

We tried to search for an adult breakfast, we promised him pancakes. We ended up in Macdonald’s, not my first choice or second or even third choice but he got his breakfast. However, for me I inhaled 4 hash browns. Yum. I don’t even regret it, although my tummy did about 25 mins later.

Sitting at home in our beautiful garden meant we could chill out, play with water, plant carrots and peas, tend to our sun flower and melt in the heat.

What I tried to do was find some peace. The photo was taken and within 30 seconds “mum, mum, MUMMY!” Soon after that, she wanted feeding.

Literally, I am chained to the kitchen for food for the boy or chain to the boob for the girl for feeding.

I desperately wanted to go to the hen do, that I was invited to. I tired everything to make it happen, a little bit of Kavi time. Spending time with some friends, leave my comfort zone and get dressed up for a change. Unfortunately, non of that ever seems to happen for me. I just have to deal with it take the next opportunity.

I have to take the positives, I spent time with my family, my son had me to play with and we created memories for him. We had a family BBQ that didn’t end with me having a kidney stone and we all had ice cream and cake. Best past was the boy showing the girl how to read and the look on her face.

I guess I can’t really complain.