When did bath time become a battle?

I was always a little smug about bath time with my little boy, he took to water straight away, which made me proud because I am the one who is afraid of all types of water, even a bath scares me at times! 

So explain to me 11.5 months in and we have a meltdown every time bath time occurs. Full blown tantrums, tears and it feels like his whole world is falling apart and it hurts me every time I see it happen.  

I tried everything I can think of, bath time with his seat, without his seat. Extra bubbles, hardly any, his crayons, bath toys, music, shower with daddy and even bath time with mummy and literally and I mean literally, nothing seems to work. Is it common? Do others go through this and just not talk about it? If I’m being honest, I just need some ideas to try out because let’s face it, it can’t get any worse. 

I wasn’t sure if it was because we stopped taking him swimming or maybe he is, for some odd reason, just scared. I am lost and willing to give anything a go.

If you can help me out and comment on my Facebook or Instagram, I really would appreciate the support. 

I will update you with the progress and respond to any suggestions given.