Review: The Unlikely Mummy’s top 9 (March)

How is it March already?? Where has all of this time gone? I literally blink and another month has been and gone. The reality of returning back to work in 10 weeks has really hit me, trying to sort out my social life, sorry my son’s social life is getting harder day by day. Routines need to be found again, nap time is all over the place and don’t even get me started on the meal times!!! 

I thought for this March review, I would focus on sites, pages, influencers or people who I have frequently visited or clicked on. Or sites that I have taken from and used with my little Chunoo (my son’s nickname, my husband and I have no idea what it means, maybe I should actually Google the meaning).

Head across to my Instagram account to see the links to their own pages and feel free on that platform to have a chat with me about it or ask why I have picked them. 

All links to the instragram pages are on my The Unlikely Mummy page.

Fantastic blog, such good information for us mummies. There was one particular photo within the posts that really made me smile and that is why Mamma Blogs has made the top 9. 

I love this page, person and name. Sums up everything about motherhood. Check out her blogs (click the title) because all the blogs are short and to the point. Whenever I get a few moments I sit and read the blogs or stroll through the Instagram page. 

By far the best app created for Mummies (& daddies) It is spot on, apart my son is never in the sunshine phase, tells you everything about development and you can adapt and look for learning skills leap by leap. This app does cost but I honestly think it is worth it, it gives you ideas and suggestions and gives you what a baby could be doing based on their brain age (Development). 

NHS have created this new part to the website. Wish it was out there sooner, I have already tried a few things and loved it, clear information for unsure parents. Having a baby with no teeth and being a first time mum is hugely overwhelming and you literally have nowhere to go or turn too. I had a moment and said to my husband I was fed up deciding on literally everything, food, what to dress our son in and what to do all the time so he looked up breakfast ideas not going to lie, this lasted just the one time for breakfast and it is back to me deciding everything! Anyways, we made tomatoes and boiled egg, and prayed – he ate it!! We ate food. This is such an achievement as food time is incredibly frustrating for us all. NHS I put my hands up to you for creating this – Thank you. 

The best plates I have ever seen. Creative, exciting and fun! I always thought a plate is a plate, well I was wrong, meal times have to be fun, full of games, excitement, and conversations. We try and have fun, make our son smiles and giggle and make eating enjoyable rather than a battle. If he cries, I don’t force him, I give him some time and let him explore (messier the better, sometimes!) I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on the cheeky monkey and write up a review! I am so excited for the launch and secretly hoping I win the plate (pretty please). 

I know I keep talking about this class and sharing on my personal Instagram account, but my Chunoo (the name I will use use to talk about my son, as I love it) loves it! He really is a ‘Social Tot’ who discovered himself through these classes. (See what I did there….) Please sign up and give it ago – incredibly affordable and Nicola it amazing. She really is supportive, she is a mum herself to two little ones and it a class that you can make friends and relax. I have made so many lovely mummy friends from this class alone – Thank you Nicola. 

The most expensive thing I have done and there are lots of pros and cons but to be honest, I have made a few good friends from this process. Being a new mummy is a learning curve and it’s good to have other mums in the same boat as you. I think you should see what options are out there and speak to those who have done the course, the information and support is great. 

I have recently started following this mummy because a friend recommended her. Loving what I have seen so far and I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas. I think we all need to support mums and their adventures which is why I have included this one. We are all in the same position and looking for the same ideas, some like to share it and help others and I think this is a great page just for that. 

Saving the best until last – another good site I am sharing. When I first took on this adventure on blogging, I found it scary, but then I came across Hannah and what great support she is. I am part of a network who are really encouraging. Hopefully, through Hannah’s support and guidance, you will see some positive steps and changes to my own blogging. 

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