Toddler Fitness

2 minute read You read that right “Toddler Fitness!”, what does that even mean? Surely someone of 18 months doesn’t even know what fitness is? Well, I was proven wrong and loved every minute of it, especially since I got a workout too.  Every Thursday I have the day with Continue Reading

Who uses apps?

2 Minute read Google was literally my best friend when my son was first born.  “Do babies sleep for more than three hours?”“Will my baby ever sleep?”“When do babies start to crawl?”“Why won’t my baby stop crying?” Be honest, who has done that? Well for me, I must have downloaded Continue Reading

Review: The Unlikely Mummy’s top 9 (March)

How is it March already?? Where has all of this time gone? I literally blink and another month has been and gone. The reality of returning back to work in 10 weeks has really hit me, trying to sort out my social life, sorry my son’s social life is getting Continue Reading

Review: The Unlikely Mummy’s Top 9 (February)

Every month I am going to spend some time putting together nine of my current favourite sites / social media sites I have visited in the month. Some might be repeated because I liked them that much, or they have given me so much. Each one I have picked this Continue Reading

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