The first thing you do is ask Google. “How long should your 2-month baby be sleeping?”, “is it okay to give 4-month baby Calpol?”, “What does green poo mean?” and what comes up? Netmums, blogs, NHS, it is crazy what comes up if you type “how can I get my baby to sleep longer?” into Google. Try it – click the word Google and see where it take you. 

I have done a lot searching into blogs and reading pretty much everything that comes up after my google search. What I don’t understand is where I actually find the time, but it is amazing how much time you create, how many stolen moments you get. Everyone thinks it’s about drinking a hot cup of tea, but for me, it is finding the time to read some more to make things better. This is the time that I spend researching on different types of food, things to do or classes to go to. I want the best for my baby and I will do everything I can to do that. As a result, I think it’s amazing how productive you can be in a 5-minute window when you don’t know if and when your baby will wake up. This is also potentially in a 5-minute window – so here it goes.

This morning, well I say morning at 4am because for some reason my little one is struggling to sleep, it might be teeth, might be hunger, might be because he is a little unwell or it might even be the fact he may just miss me (I think that’s the main reason). Anyways, I was tapping away on my phone, my husband grunts “what are you doing” I replied “looking at things to cook for the baby, how else do you think I find things – magic?”, yeah I know that was a little harsh, but seriously, I am not some baby food making genius. Most of the food at the moment is trial and error and lot more of the ideas is coming from another mummy friend of mine (she was the one who gave me the Meatball recipe). Difference is her little one loves food, mine just hates my cooking and to be honest I am devastated that he does. It really does make me sad. 

I need to stay on topic more with the blogs I write as I know there are literally millions of blogs. I fear I lose the interest of my readers (I know I have a few readers at the moment), but if I am reaching out to one new mum, or a mum who is in the thick of motherhood then that will make me smile. 

I do sit there and wonder what other things I could write about and share, but I want to keep it real and keep it on topic about me, about us and about my little family. 

Just remember, keep Googling because let’s face it, you will be surprised how many people have Googled the same thing you are asking.