Ever wondered how I do it?

I wish I was superwoman. No seriously I really do, because if I was I would have had the knowledge to start this website, start my Instagram and even my Facebook all by myself. I have done some bits and bobs, well the real basic stuff that we can all do.

But I had to admit that I needed some help and you know what, I am so pleased I did!

There are a million online courses, textbooks, websites all telling you how easy it is to start blogging, start a business, grow followers etc. But you know what, it is very hard to know how to make an impact. I am a first-time mum who wants to help people, but I also want to help myself and maybe one day turn this into a business so I can spend more time with my family. 

I like you, researched, but let me do the research for you. I came across the Profit Kick Start by Hannah Louise, Wow!!! I am so glad I did. If you look back through my social media pages you will see in the past few weeks how much it has changed. I have started to have conversations with people and I have started to help. You don’t just have to be a mummy blogger like me, you can start a business, you can even improve your current business, it can be anything, Hannah can literally help you with everything!!  

Get in touch with her and start the programme, it is the one thing I am glad I invested in myself and gave myself time. I literally did my own #giveyourself5minutesaday and made it work around my lifestyle and my son. 

I wouldn’t recommend anything that wasn’t worth it and I wouldn’t trick anyone either. I am literally doing it myself. Ask me any questions and I will be honest! As of this post, I am just about to start week 3 of the programme. Just have a look and see what you think, help yourself today with #profitkickstart 

Profit Kick Start,  trust me it is worth it. 


Since I have been working with Hannah, all of my Social Media platforms have increased massively, okay, I know I don’t want to sell anything but my engagement has been massive. She has so many addtional courses available suited for what you needed. Check them out below. (Please note: I am not by any means trying to sell you anything, please also do your research and join the group to find out for yourself, I know this sounds like a sale pitch, but I promise you it isn’t. I am just a normal person, who is a mum trying to figure everything out. I found Hannah who has helped me along the way.)

Insta Business Bloom
I have completed this and saw such an improvement to my Insta stories which have increased engagement. I have more conversation than ever before. 

Heart to Hashtag
LOVE LOVE LOVE, one lady saw such an increase, I even did a dance for her. It literally is all about your HASHTAGS! If you get them right you are onto a winner. 

Colossal Content
In the middle of finishing this one. Can’t wait to use all of the new tools I have learned. 

Additional courses and a free 10- day Instagram programme
I started off doing the 28-Instagram challenge from Hannah and loved it, makes you think about everything you post and why you do it. Plus she has loads of freebies!!