It’s all about LBC, Mental Health and Social Media

Yesterday, Saturday 18 September I spoke to the amazing Natasha Devon on the impact of Social Media on Mental Health.

The video below is our conversation.

I started The Unlikely Mummy to help mums, to help build confidence by being real and not faking my way through parenting. It is hard but it can also be incredibly rewarding!

I spoke to the incredible Natasha Devon yesterday Live on LBC

‘If your child doesn’t look a certain way, eat a certain way, sleep a certain way, then you’ve failed as a mum?’This caller explains why she set up the @unlikelymummy community in response to the ‘fakeness’ of social media.

I created an open space to help all mums regardless of who they are. I have created a Mindfulness and Wellbeing event, created a book and campaigned for various causes.

Help me, help the amazing community of mums so they no longer feel alone.