Lockdown Heroes

One thing I have learnt during lockdown is… You are not a lone!

I have been working with the incredible Phil Tottman, Book of Beasties and other amazing heroes to bring together our stories of lockdown.

COIVD 19 and the Housebound Heroes.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to talk about my experiences during Lockdown, at the time I was working non-stop and sometimes till 10 pm at night to finish my work. Why? Because working with a two-year-old and having a husband who is a key worker was incredibly challenging.

Phil asked four amazing ladies to share their stories.

Sophie Manning, Director – Outspoken Education – Mum of two.
Amy Shocker, Executive Director and Founder, Invincible Me – Mum of one
Sapna Pieroux – Author, Let’s Get Visable – Mum of two
Kavita Trevena – The Unlikely Mummy Blogger – Mum of one

Find out what we had to say about our experience – COIVD 19 and the Housebound Heroes.