The Book of Beasties

What do you do when someone asks you about your mental health and asks you to write a guest blog? The answer is simple, you think about it for approximately a second and then say yes!

Why did I choose to guest blog?

When Phil Tottman aka The Book of Beasties contacted me, we started talking, he asked me if I wanted to write a feature blog based on my experience of Mental Health, I felt it was a perfect match. With his company and my personal experience, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to share my story and help others. As Phil says “despite being one of the 10-15% of new mums who has experienced postnatal depression”, I took it upon myself to create greater awareness of postnatal depression, letting other mums know ‘it is okay to not be okay’. 

The Blog

Click on the link below to read the blog.

Guest Blog: The Unlikely Mummy vs Mental Health