Who uses apps?

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Google was literally my best friend when my son was first born. 

“Do babies sleep for more than three hours?”
“Will my baby ever sleep?”
“When do babies start to crawl?”
“Why won’t my baby stop crying?”

Be honest, who has done that? Well for me, I must have downloaded every baby weaning app. Every mum meet up app, but the app I wished I had found at the very start was Happity

When it’s 7am, you’re alone with a small person and you can see the day stretching out ahead of you, it can feel like the start of a marathon. Having the support of others going through the same things as you makes the journey that little bit easier. Both physically and mentally.



Have you ever just sat there Googling classes? I know I have and it wasn’t until 14 months in I even realised the local library did loads of free classes. But that is okay, because there is loads of information in one place for free if you chose to search for it. For me, my advice is to use Happity. 

Who is Happity for?

If you live within the M25, then this app is for you. The Founders are incredible, caring and kind and they are mums, real mums. 

If you are ever in doubt – a quick visit to the Happity app, will give you everything you need.